RAHAMA’s goals is educational outreach to the community on the issue of domestic violence.

Recently RAHAMA was recognized for their efforts by the Muslim Student’s Association at their annual dinner.  RAHAMA was also the winner of the 2009 Buffalo News Founders Award for innovation in the creation and delivery of services for victims of domestic violence. This recognition stemmed from the sponsorship of programs such as the Imam and Chaplin training “Practical Strategies for Dealing with Victims of Domestic Violence”; Educational programs for the University of Buffalo Muslim Student’s Association and community youth programs for groups such as NOMAD’s (a group for young men). 

Programs sponsored by RAHAMA

  • Conference on Eliminating Violence and Promoting Peaceful Families
  • Co-sponsorship of the Assiya Zubair Community Memorial
  • Featured speaker at the annual Muslim Women's Night domestic violence program. 
  • RAHAMA is part of the Erie County Family Court Collaborative seeking to provide resources to Muslims as well as the immigrant and refugee community in the area of domestic violence and the family court system.